offf festival book

Editorial · Illustration · Design
"Aim High, Keep Moving!" is the OFFF Festival’s
X Anniversary commemorative book

The path the Festival’s history is narrated in an original, uninhibited and interactive way through anecdotes, situations, images, and renown artists testimonials like, Erik Natzke, Kyle Cooper, Hi-Res!, Hillman Curtis, Rob Chiu, Michael Paul Young, Digital Kitchen, Fallon, John Maeda, Paula Scher, Tomato, Vasava, Joshua Davis, Alex Trochut or Neville Brody, between others.

An object-book based in the concept of a personal journal, with a fresh and spontaneous aesthetic. The visual effects, illustrations, image treatment and interaction with the reader, bring the content of the book closer through an emotional experience. This publication also includes an original movie (in DVD format) developed specially for the book “Asa NIsi Masa" and the entire OFFF Titles collection.
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